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Melbourne, Australia 1994-1996

We decided to move into the city to an area called Camberwell.  We could walk to the shops, schools, train and bus lines.  Now it was time to experience the city life and we sure did.  Photos include the Yarra River (which runs through the middle of downtown Melbourne), Flinders Station ( the main train station), a tram, Melbourne Open (tennis, we never missed the tournament), Fosters and Vegemite (no explanation needed) The Queen Victoria Market (still a main market for food as well as dry goods and tourist junk), the Hawks (my footy/Australian Rules Football team).  We continued to travel all over Australia.  It’s a beautiful country but it’s the people we loved the most!

Posted October 30th, 2010.

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Akron, Ohio 1996-2000

Back to Akron once more.  The house was one I remembered as a teenager and was fun to renovate, trying to be considerate of the 1920’s French style.  Jeff started college at the University of Colorado in Boulder when we moved but was home in the summers working as a life guard at a near by pool.   Suzanne had a couple of years left of high school at Firestone High School where I went.  Harley Thomas, a boy we knew in Australia, came to live with us for his junior year and it didn’t take long to turn him into a cheeseburger lover and all things American.   Suzanne then went to Chicago to DePaul University.  I got my dream car, a Beetle–yippee!  My husband continued bike riding including a few days of Ragbrai, an annual ride across Iowa. We added two new members to our family, Bo and Ellie, schnauzers.  Skiing seemed to be part of our lives, family vacations or boys only trips.

Posted October 29th, 2010.

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Akron, Ohio 2000–2002

After having remodeled houses, we thought building one would be the next challenge.  We found a lot  in Bath and contractors, the Sinopoli’s, who made building a house a  very positive experience that I would do again.  We thought we were going to downsize but by the time we finished the basement with my brother, Mark, as the contractor there was no downsizing involved.  Planting a garden starting with a blank slate was also fun for me and every time I’m in Akron I drive by to see how everything has grown and filled in.  We had wonderful neighbors to top it off.

Posted October 28th, 2010.

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