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I was driving through the Rocky Mountains last summer and saw Aspen colonies with their white barks glowing against the dark background of the mountains.  The Aspen grow in colonies, derived from a single seedling and spread by root suckers.  That “spread by root suckers” would scare me in my own garden but looks fabulous in the wide open spaces.  I started this piece by dying the fabric for the background.  The tree trunks are made with painted cheesecloth and then heavy machine stitched.  The black accents were hand sewn with cotton floss.  The leaves are pieces of yarn that have been needle felted into the background then machine stitched to hold the leaves in place.  French knots were then hand sewn to give the piece more depth and texture.  The lower background is heavily machine stitched and shaded with a variety of threads.  The finished piece was left with raw edges and sewn onto a black cotton felt background and mounted onto a frame.

66″ x 46


Posted in Trees by chris on July 21st, 2014 at 3:11 pm.

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