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This year I went to Australia to visit my daughter.  We took a felting class from Cheryl (  Cheryl has an alpaca farm, lives in a log cabin and has the most fabulous studio that her husband, Robert, built for her including a collection of antique stained glass windows.  Color everywhere!  This BLUE FELT TREE was my first attempt at wet felting.  The piece was 90% complete by the end of the day.  At home I mounted the piece on a commercial wool felt background, added more of the curly sheep wool to extend the height of the tree, made small felt balls which were sewn on and then added French knots to add more dimension to the piece.  I’m looking forward to more work with felting.  The framed piece 34″ x 37″.


Posted in Trees by chris on May 26th, 2014 at 4:37 pm.

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