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The first Jacaranda Tree that I saw was in Sydney, Australia.  The purplish blue leaves of the Jacaranda stood out among all the other trees on the cliffs above Sydney Harbor.  In Pasadena there are streets lined with Jacarandas.  In the spring when there is nothing but the flowers on these trees, “splendiferous” is the word I would use to describe them!  The white background of the quilt is made with horizontal lines sewn every 3/8″.  The quilt was then machine washed and dried to give it a textured effect.  The trunk is made of hand painted cheese cloth then twisted and shaped to make the trunk and branches.  It was sewn in place with various colors of thread.  The flowers are made of 1/2″ pieces of yarn that were felted in place and then machine quilted.  59″ x 56″


Posted in Trees by chris on November 15th, 2013 at 4:16 pm.

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