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House Book (in progress)

My husband and I started our married life in Akron, Ohio in 1975.  We have moved often and no, we are not in the “Witness Protection Plan”.  My husband worked for an international corporation which took us to many countries as well as different states in the US.  I started doing needlepoint pictures of our houses, had them framed and the gallery grew.  Recently I decided to remove the needlepoints from their frames and put them in a book.  The left page includes photos of us during the time we lived in a house.  They are printed on fabric and incorporated into a patchwork of batiks.  The right page includes the needlepoint framed in batik.  Both pages have a cotton batting and are machine quilted.  The pages are 26″ x 16″.  Here is our story:

(I still have three more houses to do and they will be done in quilting rather than needlepoint.  I’ll get around to them in the next year, maybe. )

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