The Art of Christine Earhart


I went to Italy with my friend, Maureen, for three weeks.  I made this quilt for her including photos of  some of the places we had been, a tree in Positano, Church bells in Assisi, several from our walk in Cinque Terre and an olive tree in Tuscany.  It was a wonderful trip seeing friends and Brother Joe, Maureen’s son as well as the beautiful country and all that it has to offer.  At the end of our walk in Monterosso, part of Cinque Terre, we stopped for lunch at a place looking out toward the sea.  We had finished eating and were ready to catch the train back to our hotel.  I asked the waiter for our check and he said “Relax, there will be another train today and if not, then tomorrow.”  He was right, there was another train later.

Posted in Art Quilts by chris on October 1st, 2010 at 5:49 pm.

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